For all our fathers fought

A Norwegian-Russian documentary about the war heroes Norway wanted to forget.

Theatrical release fall 2018.

“For All Our Fathers Fought” tells the hidden story of Norwegians who fought side by side with Russians during World War II. They won the war, but lost the peace.

It is a spellbinding documentary about a son’s search for the truth about his father in order to make peace with painful memories.

The film uncovers festering wounds from both the War and the Cold War. It is a story of people trapped on the borderland between the politics of East and West.

About the film

Seventy years after World War II, Karl-Fredrik Figenschou decides to find the truth about his father’s past as a secret intelligence agent for the Soviets. This develops into a journey through stories that have never before been told – and which many people still do not want to talk about – in the borderland between East and West.

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